Saturday, May 29, 2004

Organ: A Retrospective

If your idea of 'Japan Shock' is the ending of AUDITION, you ain't seen nothing yet...

ORGAN is a film that is clearly made by a film-school graduate: it is professional, polished, the individual scenes are well-shot and well-framed, multiple plot threads are deftly intertwined... but it also makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

The story concerns a cop searching for his partner kidnapped by organ transplanting criminals: but it is told in a non-linear fashion through a series of shocking and surreal images that are truly grotesque and disgusting. Everybody is sick and perverted in some way, the events portrayed may be too strong for even hardened gore-hounds to sit through. How to describe it? Imagine Cronenberg's VIDEODROME body-horror times ten, but with even less coherence. After a while, the viewer becomes numbed to the steady procession of insanity, forgets about trying to keep track of whats going on, and begins to get sucked into the nightmare world on display.

Its a shame that this film will languish in the 'Horror' category in video stores, as its really an arthouse film that deserves to be seen by supporters of films like TETSUO, AUDITION, ICHI THE KILLER (its hard to see what all the fuss is about - surely ICHI can't be more gruesome than this?), and the cover and box description (VHS rental in Holland) certainly don't describe the film accurately.

One final point of note: I just discovered that it was directed by a woman (Kei Fuijiwara), and that she also stars in the film as Yoko. Go figure.

it is available uncut with subs on R1 DVD, for instance from here:

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