Saturday, May 29, 2004

Freezer R2 DVD (a.k.a Freeze Me)

FREEZER is an excellent addition to Tartan's 'Extreme Asia' label, a typically disturbing and censor-troubling japanese film that will probably appeal to fans of AUDITION. It is not perfect, however. The attempts to both titillate (with sex scenes) and disturb (with rape scenes) don't sit easily with each other, and suggests exploitation more than art. Harumi Inoue is probably a former AV idol, judging by her frequent nudity and rough appearance. She is unable to effectively convey why a modern girl would seemingly prefer to be raped every night than have her neighbour's find out about a crime committed against her five years ago! I know Japan is supposedly a repressive society, but come on! In compensation, the first visitor performs excellently, veering from funny and eccentric to dangerous and violent. He is the star for me. The second visitor barely registers. The third is too much of a cartoon character to be effective. The boyfriend is a joke. Overall, the film is well made and well written, making good use of basically only 2 small sets, and holds your interest throughout. There are no boring segments, even though you often know what's coming next. Worth a look.

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