Saturday, May 29, 2004

Heroic Trio: A Retrospective

Liked Black Mask? You'll love Heroic Trio.

Anita Mui is masked superhero 'Wonder Woman'(no relation). Maggie Cheung is comic-relief assassin-for-hire 'Thief Catcher'. Michelle Yeoh is 'Invisible Woman"', the chief henchman of the magic eunuch master villain. Tony Wong (the villain from Hard Boiled) is also present as a bird-eating master of the flying guillotine.

The whole thing is very high energy, very stylised, and completely crazy. The action scenes are ultra-wild in the typical Ching Siu Tung way (check out the spinning motorbike). Unfortunately the non-action scenes tend to drag - and there are a lot of non-action scenes in the middle (the Yeoh and Doctor scenes being standout boring). But it picks up for a mad wirework filled finale that references The Terminator.

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