Saturday, May 29, 2004

God of Gamblers: A Retrospective

Chow Yun Fat's best film! I seriously believe this is the film where Chow Yun Fat proves he can really act and be a star, not just hold a gun in each hand and look cool.

The whole film is a real delight, and contains so many more elements than his usual John Woo Stuff. Yes, there is one pure Woo gunfight sequence, but there is also kung-fu, excellent comedy (especially the brothel sequence), drama, acrobatics and stunts (Andy Lau really shows his stuff), and of course the incredible gambling scenes. Its amazing that a film that tries so many things, manages to succeed in all of them.

Chow Yun Fat is brilliant, both as the suave God of Gamblers, and the child-like guy he becomes when he loses his memory.

I am not surprised there have been so many sequels, imitations and parodies of this classic movie. All HK film fans should check it out immediately!

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